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I. Warranty Repairs (Items which fail during the warranty period):

We only warranty items that where sold by Ideal Vacuum Products, LLC. All new products come with a 1-Year factory warranty. Some manufacturer's offer an advanced exchange program and it may be possible to get you an exchange (please contact us for these warranty issues). All remanufactured products carry a 90-day warranty and they have to be returned to Ideal Vacuum Products for repair. Our warranty covers 100% of parts and labor expenses for failure that we find, in our own discretion, to be due to defective parts and/or poor workmanship. Our warranty does not cover process related damage, user misuse, damage from product modifications or product used in methods other than defined in the owner's manual. The warranty period starts when the product is received. Please note our warranty repair terms:

1. All sales are final.
2. Please package products and vacuum pump well for return shipping.
3. Return Freight damage is not covered in our warranty.
4. Pumps should be shipped motor freight boxed on a skid (Original Shipping Box is Best).
5. Buyer must pay freight inbound on buyers freight account.
6. If we find that the failure is a warranty issue we will refund Economy GND Shipping Value only.
7. If failure is found to Not Be Warranty Related the service will be a billable repair.
8. Returned items take priority and will be repaired ASAP.
9. If we find that the failure is a warranty issue we will pay the Economy GND Outbound Shipping Value only.

We require that you first seek assistant through our customer support system before returning the product. We want to rule out simple fix solutions that would save time and money. If unsuccessful, these efforts still give us a well documented good understanding of the failure methods. To return your product for a warranty repair please fill out our online Warranty Return RMA form and follow the printed instructions.


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